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Trading "Savages"; import and export of Jihadists


This is not to single out people.. This is not a message of blame or pointing fingers.. This is an effort to understand the bizarre events.. I'm just trying to find an answer other than people or religions are evil..  

Love all the innocent people;  Muslims, Brits, Americans, Saudis and the many fine Jews I knew..  PEACE

There is a verse in Qura'n that translates to : "Say: Shall we inform you of the greatest losers in (their) deeds?, (these are) they whose labor is lost in this world's life and they think that they are well versed in skill of the work of hands." Surat Al-kahf 103, 104

Wonder whys 

One has to sit back take a birds-eye view and ultimately ask oneself, what is the matter with these new Muslim trends? The middle -East that is consistently in chaos especially over the past few decades . 

Why are we seeing a different unfriendly face by people who claim to be "religious", "Jihadists" and more so, why their preachers, Sheiks and leaders  accept and rather encourage such behavior?

Why did Saudi Arabia, a country that is, supposedly, super wealthy, and is in no need for hand outs by the west,  quietly  watch, care free, as Palestine disappeared off the modern Maps? ?  

Why..with the ongoing Syrian massacres, a year and a half later, the Islamic conventions finally acted superficially and revoked the Syrian regime's "membership"?

Why ..In Jan25 flags of Saudi Arabia were raised in Tahrir and to date continue to emerge every time there is a protest involving 'Islamists'..Why..The new Egyptian president Morsi paid a visit on the very first week of taking power to the Saudis?..   WHY  Saudis, that once denounced the overthrowing of Mubarak, their dear friend, welcomed Morsi with open arms?

So we all heard about or seen the movie trailer part that offended the Muslims.. In one of the opening scenes a bunch of barbaric individuals were attacking and killing Christians,  running amok vandalizing homes wearing white long shirts (galabeyya) and long beards.. The reaction of the "devout" muslims, was a replay by real life Muslim Impersonators who re-inacted that same scene in protest to the 'offensive' tape.. Really??!! 

A week later, a french Cartoonist insists to post her anti Islamic drawings.. 

Two weeks later, a pro-Israel advocate finds it an opportune time to post signs in New York Subway stations requesting the support for the "civilized Israel" against the evil 'Jihad' "Savages" AKA Muslims..  

A cheaply made movie trailer, stirred such a passionate reaction; Never seen such a determined reaction for the blood shed of Palestinians,  Syrians, Sudanese, Nigerians, Iraqis and you may never see that.. Do you know why?? 

WHY did the 'devout Muslims' preachers, and media gurus denounce a movie and not get outraged at the insulting actions of some others that actually re-enacted a scene in the insulting movie trailer? 

Do you think such a reaction was a thoughtless impulse?? Then ask yourself few more

Over the past few decades Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and many Arab nations started to see an integrated new face of Islam with strange characteristics.. WHY? Salafi's and Wahhabi Muslims (became almost identical these days, while they used to be totally different in the past) have grown in Egypt; infiltrated the poorest areas such as south Egypt and villages where people are indigent and illiteracy is ramped ??
 It was there where it started.. where south Egypt saw violence perpetrated by Salafi/ wahhabi muslims against Copts... Gradually, they gained momentum and metastasized to Azhar (the mecca of Islamic science Education, where students flocked from all over the world to receive And spread Islamic Teachings ) 

WHY.. Azhar's leader emerged with speeches that served to foster the new concepts of Islamic hatred,  alluding that Christian Copts are considered "Kafir" (infidels); citing verses from Quran .. conveniently, ignoring verses that prove them to be the predecessors to Muslims in worshiping Allah (God in Arabic) and in receiving his message and his holy Books the Bible and the Torah?

Why is the new face of modern Islam turning to such hatred? And why if one opposes this new corrupt ideology is considered an "infidel" and declared an enemy of Islam. It's like they are trying to depict this religion as such a violent religion that anyone with half a conscience would grow outraged of such a hateful religion..  Or...Is there more to the story??? 

Then,  take a moment, like I did, stand back and ask yourself what the... ?!!

Why is it so easy to be named a "Kafir"(infidel), the common accusation used by the Modern Islamatists, and their followers, in recent days? 

Kafir or Kufar (infidel/s) is the notion in this new wave over-which flourished the school of thought that fed the minds of Radicals .. like Taliban and Qaeda and many other factions who operate in the same manner. 

Here are few of the "why" and "how"answers, in my humble opinion: 

                               Love thy enemy to  self-Destruct

Some said the biggest enemy of Islam are the Muslims themselves ... Hmmm, you think??
  In war strategies of the British Empire, there was a golden rule; 'Divide to conquer'.. then Sit back and watch your enemy self destruct... That's how empires fell..

This, "once upon a time",  Islamic Empire exported civilization and knowledge in almost every kind of art: Mathematics (where do you think the name Algebra came from?), Medicine (Ibn Sinai), Architecture (check out Spain and the Vatican itself in Italy, see any clues?), music.. to name a few.. These developments were taking place at the same time when people would be persecuted in Europe for simply stating that the earth is not flat.. Hard to believe; that such a drastic transformation took place to the civilized face of Islam, isn't it? 

Since the growth of the Islamic Empire was expanding all over the world and 'the Ottoman Empire' power was looming and threatening to reclaim what's lost, and was acquiring more colonies to expand .. The quest was to dismantle it from WITHIN..

Remember the Russian Empire? Remember the Ottoman empire? The Brits didn't simply send armies as first offense to take over nations and create colonies, they  used the very technique of wrecking chaos by creating divisions.. They had spies implanted in nations they wanted to conquer or keep as part of their colonies.. It was no secret that the Islamic empire built its solid base by copying and installing the footprints of the Islamic program...
So Britain sent its infiltrating spies to start the journey of eradicating the once known to be a threatening invasion of a well disciplined growing strength ..
The footprints program had to be tampered with, altered and rewritten so as to crash that empire that once used it to install its might and power.. Now, should any efforts be made to resurrect it, the user will find nothing but a corrupt program. A system well rewritten to secure that this Empire never sees the days of civilization ever again. That's why the "Wahhabism" virus had to be installed. 

The making of a "savage" prototype

The origin of Islam was in The Arabian Peninsula.. Muslims anywhere in the world have to pray facing  the direction of Qibla in Mecca.. 

There,  was the target of the British and western mission. The goal was set to infest the roots, and eventually,  the whole tree of Islam would turn poisonous so that  people would find it useful to pull it through the roots so that it won't spread its "toxic" seeds everywhere.. 

British spies set a mission to implant the 'Wahhabi'' doctrine of Islam, that started in the late 1700s. Mohamed Abdul Wahhab, was handpicked by a British spy, named Hempher,  to start a new era of Islamic sect. This was the founder of the 'Wahhabis' a merciless backward moving deviant sect of Islam.. The one we see demonstrated in Saudi Arabia in the Arab Peninsula, where the women may be persecuted, imprisoned and whipped for being raped and the rapists run free.. He was known for his violent ways of translating and implementing his demonic translations of Quran (Fatwas).  He was opposed by his father and his brother (well established religious leaders) that were up-hauled by his, rather sadistic deviant, translations and applications of Islam..

This Wahhab solidified his position, by marrying, king Saud's daughter, and unleashing his first Fatwa to name Beda'a (basically whomever does not conform to his teachings) "Kafir" i.e. infidel, with that he justified killing, raping their women and retaining their possessions.. 

His first 'Fatwa' after, was to declare King Saud (his father in Law) and his son's as the subsequent kings of the Arabian Peninsula.. He created a solid bond (via marriage, and religious tyranny) to form a force that flourished off of the misery and blood of innocent muslims around.. He established that women were the source of evil, and are to be marginalized..  twisting the meanings of Quran.. And this is how the accusation of being a Kafir (infidel) all started.. 

There was a prediction by Profit Mohamed that stated that there will be a time when the meanings of Quran will be twisted to call believers unbelievers.. That was the first mission established by the founder of Wahhabism.. 

With his 'fatwa' formation of 'bida'a' makers as non-believers he justified 
wars held against his neighboring muslim lands.. Muslims were accused of worshiping idols for having monuments or tombs raised above ground level.. They raided villages destroyed historical monuments, buildings, grave sites, torn libraries even holy books including Quran were torn and burnt.. They attacked muslims even while praying  slain them, old, young, infants, seniors.. They were set on a mission to destroy.. you can read more about the mischief Wahhabis and Saudis created and the crimes they committed through this link:

It was not strange that while this Saudi and Wahhabi forces were busy destroying the lands of the Muslims and spreading terror around, the Brits ( supposedly 'infidels' according to Wahhabis Kafir's definitions) were occupying and dwelling in neighboring muslim nations, untouched by the Saudi/ Wahhabi force. 

In 1810 this Wahhabi/ Saudi force was creating havoc for Muslims and the leaders of the last  Islamic empire, the Ottomans .. Which was headquartered in, now, Turkey, but was extending its territories and obliterating the path for the British Empire.. As  the Ottoman Empire was busy recapturing its territories in Europe The Saudi/ Wahhabis captured Hejaz and Syria.. 

The Emperor of the Ottoman Empire called for Mohamed Ali (Egypt's King)  to send his troops to eradicate the Saudi/Wahhabis from Syria and Hejaz.. Two years later, the Wahhabis were eliminated.. Their King Abdullah Ibn Saud  was executed in Istanbul, and a couple of the wahhabi fanatic leaders were sent to Egypt where they were executed as well.  

Somehow, despite the thousands that Mohamed Ali eliminated the Wahhabis regrouped some 10 years later to spread their venom..  at the same time, Britain, continued it's expansion.. and slowly but surely, the Ottoman Empire was toppled.
 In 1840 Mohamed Ali had to surrender Hejaz as per a treaty mediated by the Brits, Prussia and Russia in 'convention of London' .. 

Later on in 1932,with the assistance of the Brits, Wahhabis and Saudis returned to power where they established their own state the 'Kingdom of SAUDI Arabia' .. Their Bottoms found their ways to the throne, secured by their 'Fatwas' to pass on the throne forever and ever.. 

Later on, i.e. NOWADAYS, the Saudis maintained the collaboration with the west. They stood idle as Palestine was being invaded by Israel that was planned before the start of world war II to be established on the map.. They were funded by the west, and as the petroleum dollars started to pile, they invested their wealth with the west and America to whom they owe their existence and good fortune.. Together, with the Americans they funded and armed Islamic fundamentalists, organizations and other American operations particularly 'Jihad' in Afghanistan..

Did you ever wonder how come after the  Russians were defeated in Afghanistan, what was left behind was a demonic deviant forms of Islam? The 'Taliban's' regime was left behind to wreck havoc.. This, once civilized country,  had its history books, historical monuments and buildings all leveled, or burnt.. all signs of civilization were removed in the name of erasing 'idols' and what was left were broken humans .. where women who were once professors, teachers and lawyers were stripped of their humanly entitlements and treated as cattle regressing to the dark ages in the name of 'Islam'. That's another example of how a civilized nation was erased and how the new virus infested footprint program was installed.. 

The mass production of explosive 'savages'

During the Ottoman Empire times, efforts to transfer  "Wahhabi"  Islam to taint Egypt, the center Mohamed Ali created as an extension of the Ottoman Empire power, failed miserably .. At the time, Wahhabis were either imprisoned or purged out of Egypt.  The Islamic teaching was secured by the Azhar (first university in history) which was expanded at the times of Mohamed Ali's era to teach all forms of Science including Islam... With the Ottomans gone, Saudis used their immense wealth to fund the dissemination of their deviant form of Islam "Wahhabism", to various regions of the world.. territories they could never step foot into before, became easy targets.. Egypt was one of them.. and there, slowly but surely, again, the 'Salaf Saleh' ( a formerly known peaceful form of Islam) turned to a mirror image of Wahhabism.. somehow, that form of Wahhabism that names whomever disapproves its methods " infidels" crept onto the more sophisticated and educated form of Islam like Ikhwan..Then slowly but surely it infected Azhar figures..That explains the "why" merge of the different sects of Muslims infested by the parasitic ideology of "Takfir" (naming non followers infidels) found its way by varying degrees to the Islamic faith in Egypt.. 

As though it is not bad enough that living in harmony with such a corrupt ideology is a challenge,  The radicals want to invade  every aspect of the human life.. Aside from the atrocities perpetrated by Islamic impostors to criminalize Muslims,  more demonic fatwas have been newly emerging and invading Islam to victimize innocent Muslims while vilifying them, at the same time, for choosing such a faith to follow. To name a few:

- Aisha was 9 years old when The Profit Muhammed married her and hence it is acceptable to cut a deal for marriage to a child.. (evidence from history proved that Aisha was not less than 18 yrs of age when she was married).
- It is acceptable to marry an infant and to have sex with her as long as she can "tolerate it" i.e. (won't have injuries/ tears).. absurd...don't even need to comment on that.. 
- it  is acceptable to have short contract marriages of minors for pleasure.
- It is acceptable to kill innocent unarmed civilians children and whomever, as long as you 'warned' .. (a video stating I declare war on the USA, justified terroristic acts for 'Jihad')..
- and it is so very justified to declare all other sects of Muslims (non wahhabi killer minded) Christians and Jews, as" infidels"..

Hence, the nowadays, call for the return of the Islamic civilization and 'nahda' wrecks terror for someone like myself or anyone who cares about this Mid-East region as it is coupled by a load of "Sharia" demonic interpretations. Those twisted interpretations of "Sharia" law often revolve around nothing but new rules that appease "savages", on a quest to have intercourse with little children, beat women, destroy any remnants of monuments that may remind them of their days of their civilized days..Now this "call for Shari'a law" for "Nahda" (civilization), will no longer call for power, education, a quest for justice and peace among people.. It means other contorted  "Shari'a justice" for particularly non-muslims and women, where if a Muslim is killed the killer faces capital punishment regardless of his/her religion, yet if a non-Muslim is killed capital punishment applies ONLY if the killer was a non-muslim as well, but not if the killer is a Muslim.. Does this make any sense?? 

There are more bizarre nauseating satanic fatwas that are clearly out there to destroy, and defame this religion that is now under siege, by forces that are clear impostors of Muslims preachers that recruit more impostors, mere imbeciles or deviants..

Caution! "savages" self- destruct in vain

No question, the third world war will be to protect the "civilized ones" from the "savages". These "savages" are either too stupid, unsophisticated or merely brain dead to realize that they are merely disposable as toilet paper and will be flushed once the ultimate goal is reached.  If only these imbeciles realized that more people have died in the name of God and religion which preaches love and peace, not realizing that they are going to be forever remembered as "savages" that murdered innocent people not in the name of God but in the name of IMPERIALISM.

Israel, in my opinion being an IMPERIALIST, rather than a "Zionist" needs these neighboring countries that stand in its way of expansion, weakened or better yet, eliminated Iraq is no longer a threat.. Now that Iraq has been obliterated back to the dark ages, it is going to require many ages and perhaps miracles to end the sectarian blood bath before it can start to pick up the pieces.. Syria, is bleeding and weakened as a power with the chaos taking place.. soon to come, Iran will be eliminated (for aiding the Syrian dictator and threatening Israel) .. Soon to follow, will be Egypt where the 'extremist, wahhabi infestation will keep flourishing even more over the next few years. Perhaps no western country will interfere and come to the rescue, as it will be left to self destruct.. Slowly the "Zionist empire" extending from the west of the Euphrates to the East of the Nile will flourish, ironically, with the help of non other than the 'savages' (AKA "Jihadists") who have devoted their lives to prevent this from happening.

Pity the man that sacrifices so much for the promise of martyrdom, only to find himself the proud recipient of a one way ticket to hell.. 

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