Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shoes hard to fill

Another dreaded day 's now over.. 
More days keep going by,
No they 'll never see me broken,  
And they 'll never ever see me.. cry,
Your shoes are so hard to walk in,
But I promised you .. I'll try

I can still hear your voice in ~my head.. 
I listened~ to Every word ~You said.. 
It's hard to fill your shoes, Mamma ~  the way you always....  did

It has been hard to live ..
Who has a heart like yours to give?
You 'll always be the one who loved me,
More than I ever  loved myself..

Now that you 're gone, it has been rough, 
Don't worry, I 'll keep the faith~ though it's tough,
Why only the good like you die young? 
Don't you worry I 'll go on ~ be strong..
I know you must 've  had enough
After all I hate to drag this ... ~sad ~ song, 

Hey, open your eyes and you 'll ~ see,
I had everything ~ I prayed  for!!!   
How could I ask for anything more?! ! 
When I had you ~  to embrace 

Take a look in the mirror ~ baby,   
Can you see those features of me ? 
Do you see them on your face? 

So you see, I never died young,
I'll live through you for very long,   
in time ..We'll mature.. we'll age .. with grace " 

No they 'll never see me broken  ..And they 'll never ever see me cry ..
I take it day by day now .. 
I don't know how ..
 I don't know ... why..

It hurts to never know.. if I'll ever meet you  again
Oh Mommy it hurts to be unsure, 
If  there 's  a hell and a heaven.
It hurts to never be sure.. 
Should we ever cross path once more
Would you recognize me then?

And You 'll never see me broken,
you 'll never see me cry,
I'll wear your shoes somehow Mamma,
 I promised you I'll try

To hell with heaven and hell !!!!! 
So are you resting peacefully, still? 
or are you a restless spirit floating ..somewhere.. in some Godforsaken sky? 
Do You wanna know what I really think? or would you rather I lie? 
I don't care.. where I belong!
I don't care .. condemned or wrong!
All I want is to live beside you.. wherever ..forever..  some day... when I die