Friday, June 7, 2013

Say what you have to say

Just say what you have to say.. Right Now, tonight
~Before its way ~ too late.

It doesn't have to be black or white..
consider the many colors it might~
 be in different shades of gray.

Just say what you have to say~ before its way 
~too late

There will be no other lifetime .. We only have this one time.. 
And everything ~  inside us,
Everything around us 
~has an expiration date..

Will it kill you to speak your mind ~ for just one day?
Keep swallowing your tongue~
And If you speak
~you send your Words astray .. 
And just  like a moron, 
keep blaming your fate. 

When you don't say what you have to say, 
when it's  already way~ too late.
you 'll have all the time in the world~
 an eternity ~for regrets~  
an eternity ~of self hate

Just say what you have to say~ will ya? 
~ before it's way ~ way ~ too late.